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Key Stage Two

Dawn Whaley - Assistant Head Teacher/Key Stage Two Leader

I have worked at Hartside Primary School for over 8 years. I started out in Early Years, then spread my wings into Key Stage 1 and 2 and over the years I have worked in most year groups. Children always ask me which year group I like teaching the most, but I honestly couldn't say - I love working with children of all ages and find my job extremely rewarding!

When I'm not at school, I enjoy trying out new recipes,

doing anything creative or crafty and cuddling up with my two cats: Lapo and Nonna. They're a special breed of cat called ragdolls.

Ragdolls are best known for being large, fluffy and very sociable - they follow me everywhere I go and even greet me at the door when I get in. 

My friends and family would describe me as quirky, my colleagues would say that I was powered entirely by tea and the children in my class would probably say that I was a crazy cat lady.

Even though I'm not a morning person, I look forward to waking up and coming to school everyday, because each day is different. I get to spread my creative wings, work with lovely people and talk - I'm definitely good at that! 

I look forward to all of the exciting adventures ahead at Hartside Primary School and I feel very lucky to be part of such a wonderful school community. 


Sarah Hall - Year 6 Class Teacher

I am the year 6 teacher at Hartside. My favourite subject is maths. I love doing maths and I also enjoy maths lessons with the girls and boys in my class. Since I became the year 3 teacher I have loved finding out about lots of new things and sharing everything I learn with my class.

My favourite part of being the year 3 teacher is when the girls and boys share their news. I love hearing all about what they do at home with their brothers, sisters or other family and about what their favourite things to do are.

My favourite author is Michael Morpurgo and I really adore his book Kensuke’s Kingdom.

Outside of school life my favourite thing is spending time with my children, Bethan and Lewis. I enjoy reading, swimming and walking my two dogs Lily and Clover. I also have four pet lizards which I have had to learn all about in order to take care of them and give them what they need.


Fiona Tindale - Class Teacher 

Hello, my name is Mrs Tindale and I have worked Hartside for almost 9 years! I love teaching in Key Stage Two and my favourite thing about my job is seeing all the children enjoy their day at school.

I lead Mathematics across the school and every week I look forward to seeing who our ‘Super Mathlete’ of the week is and which class has scored the most points! The current record is held by Year 2, who scored over 40,000 points in one week – I wonder if any class can beat that score!

Outside of school I enjoy family time and having days out with my two young children who especially enjoy going to the farm.



Clare Race - Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

I am a Higher Level Teaching Assistant in Year Four at Hartside.  My favourite lessons are Maths and Art.  I love thinking of fun and creative ideas to share with the children during reward time on a Friday afternoon.

I enjoy singing whether it is rehearsing for a school performance, in the car or while I’m doing my housework! I also enjoy cooking for friends and family and testing out my unique recipes on them!

I am known for my enthusiasm when it comes to fancy dress outfits on non-uniform days. I love getting dressed up and even have a whole wardrobe full of fancy dress outfits at home!

I have two cats called Felix and Missy who get up to all sorts of mischief.  I like sharing my stories about them with the children and hearing their stories about their pets.



Michelle Mckeown - Teaching Assistant 

I first came to Hartside Primary as a student in 2009.I was fortunate enough to be offered a job in Reception class after my college placement had finished.

I have since worked in every year group,I am currently the Year 6 TA  and have been for the last two years.

Outside of school I spend my time with my 3 children. We enjoy days out to the seaside, going swimming and exploring different parks.

Tim Pratt - Year 5 Class Teacher

Hello, my name is Mr Pratt and I am the year 5 teacher. I’m very much interested in all things international and I’d like to think that the children in my class get to learn a little bit more about the big wide world.

For twelve years before coming to work at Hartside, I taught English to children in Taiwan. Taiwan is a beautiful island, in the Pacific Ocean, not too far from China. In addition, I have lived in France and Hong Kong. As you might have guessed, my wife and I adore travelling to new countries with our two young sons. Once abroad, we like to visit the famous sights, find out about the local way of life, and (most importantly) try their different foods.

Year 5 is a really exciting year to teach. By this stage, the children are growing more independent, developing their own interests and are able to make discoveries on their own, which means that I am able to learn from them just as they learn from me. The children regularly astound me with some of the ideas that they come up with and the problems that they are able to solve.

I am a keen supporter of Sunderland and follow Durham’s progress in the cricket. My enjoyment of sport also means that I try to take my class out for games whenever time allows.

Other than that, I enjoy reading, cooking, and taking my three legged, Taiwanese dog, Florence for walks in the woods.


Nicola Clarkson - Year 3 Class Teacher 

My name is Mrs Clarkson and I am the year 3 teacher at Hartside. My favourite part of being the year 3 teacher is when the girls and boys share their news. I love hearing all about what they do at home with their brothers, sisters or other family and about what their favourite things to do are - the children cannot wait to tell me their news too!

My most favourite subject to teach is PE, possibly because it is a subject that has been a large part of my life since I was very young.  From being the age of 4, I took ballet, tap and gymnastics lessons.  Then, a little later, I joined the local swimming club and trampoline club – all of which I had tremendous fun doing!

Outside of school, I love running, having lots of messy fun with my 2 young children, Emmie and Tom, as well as reading lots of exciting stories!  My favourite author is Michael Morpurgo and I really adore his book Private Peaceful, even though it made me cry several times!

Helen Keeler - Teaching Assistant 

I am a Teaching Assistant working in Year Three.

My favourite lesson is maths, I get very excited when the boys and girls achieve a star for learning their times tables.

I love to listen to the children read, hearing the different voices and expressions that they use always puts a smile on my face.

Outside of school I am a black belt in karate, however I don't have much time to train these days as my young daughter keeps me very busy. My exercise regime has had to change, so come a weekend little one is strapped in her pushchair for a long refreshing walk in the countryside.