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Hartside, County Durham Crook DL15 9NN

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EYFS Staff

BEth Hodgson - Assistant Head Teacher - EYFS Leader

Hi there! I teach the Reception boys and girls but I work with all of the children in our EYFS unit. I absolutely love playing and working in EYFS!  My favourite things to learn about are pirates and dinosaurs.  I like to teach phonics and I love to make silly songs up and have lots of fun everyday! 

My favourite story is The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.

My favourite song is 'mm nn Went the Little Green Frog!'

My favourite thing to play is… playing with the children outdoors where we can be as messy and noisy as we like!   I especially like making soup and pies in our mud kitchen.  Oh and finding worms and minibeasts hiding under logs (Our Miss P hates worms so we have to look for them secretly – sh!)  I love climbing on our climbing frame and pretending it is a space ship but I am not very good at jumping off.   I am really good at building dens and castles outside too!

Outside of school life I enjoy reading lots of books, going shopping and walking my dogs called Sid and Derek.  Sid can be naughty because he loves pinching socks and Derek likes to jump up on the settee even though he's not allowed!   Mr. Hodgson, likes to think he is a bit of a farmer (even though he is not really) and he has just brought four hens home to live in our back garden! I have two children to keep me busy at home too, they are called Alex and Tobias.



Laura Burgess - Nursery Class Teacher

I am the Nursery teacher at Hartside and I love being part of the Early Years team, working with all of the boys and girls in both Nursery and Reception! I enjoy exploring our outdoor area, building dens and digging for treasure – every day is different!

I love sharing stories with the boys and girls; my favourite is ‘The Gruffalo’.  We sing lots of songs and rhymes in EYFS and the children love learning new ones! I like ‘The Caterpillar Song’ and ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ the best!

Our imaginations run wild each day in EYFS, mixing potions in the mud kitchen, building boats with the blocks and sailing off on little adventures or making jet packs from ‘junk’ and flying off into space – anything is possible!

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I have a little boy called Alfie who is 3 years old. We love going on days out to the farm or the park, I can’t believe how quickly he is growing up!


Karen Anderson - Teaching Assistant

I am a Teaching Assistant in Early Years at Hartside, I work with Nursery and Reception boys and girls and enjoy every day here. I love looking for mini beasts in our Early Years garden. I like to help the boys and girls learn about the tiny creatures that live all around us; ladybirds are my favourite. We have lots of ladybird things in our nursery.

My favourite story is Aliens love Underpants by Claire Freedman

My favourite song is The Wheels on the Bus.

My favourite thing to play is.... junk models! I made a huge pirate ship for the boys and girls to have lots of pirate adventures with and some Fire Engines too that we took outside to rescue (pretend) cats in trees and we put out a lot of fires. I love our sandpit too and the wonderful soups and potions that we all make with our outdoor ingredients.

I have two daughters, Rebecca and Emily and a son Ben who all enjoyed their time at our school. At home I love cooking and doing cross stitch pictures of hearts that my girls pinch for their bedrooms.



Danielle lomax - Higher Level Teaching Assistant


I am a Teaching Assistant within the EYFS unit and I love coming into school every day to have lots of fun learning new things with the nursery and reception boys and girls. My favourite thing to learn about is the lovely things in our garden such as plants and mini-beasts. I can’t wait to go outside to explore and see what we can discover together!

My favourite story is ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson.

My favourite song is ‘Roly poly’.

My favourite thing to do is to put on my wellies and go outside exploring the mud kitchen; mixing, pouring and filling with mud, water, pots and pans! I also enjoy getting messy in the paints and glue!

At home I have a 6 year old little girl called Belle who keeps me very busy! We love going to the park together and taking our dog Millie on long walks.



Jayne Hagar - outreach

I am an outreach worker in Early Years at Hartside. I love working together within EYFS , some days I will not be here because I visit other children at their nursery. 
I love learning about minibeasts, nature and the outdoors.
My favourite thing to do most is reading stories and I particularly love the story called 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson.
I love messy play especially painting with the children. I also like to sing (the children love my voice) and my favourite song is 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'.
Outside of nursery I enjoy family time with my two girls Evie and Isabelle. We love going for walks together and taking our dog Mustard with us. 

Michelle Porteus - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

I am a Higher Level Teaching Assistant in Early Years at Hartside. I work with both Reception and Nursery boys and girls and love coming to school each day.  I love learning about superheroes and the planets! I even make spaceships for us to be astronauts and fly to the moon!

My favourite story is A squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson.

My favourite song is Wind the bobbin up.

My favourite thing to play with is the paint! I love to explore the colours by mixing it up!  I love to make junk models with the boys and girls too!  We once made the biggest robot you have ever seen!  I also love if there’s any baking to be done I will be there! My favourite things to make are chocolate reindeer!

I have a daughter called Ellie who is 14 and goes to Woodham Academy. I also have a little boy, Carter who is 2 years old.  Outside of school life we like to walk our little dog Marley. I also spend lots of time cooking and trying new recipes. 



Annie Mann - Teaching Assistant

I am a teaching assistant within the EYFS and absolutely love working with the boys and girls in Nursery and Reception. My favourite things to teach and learn about are dinosaurs, fairies, dragons and wizards. I sing all day long and love learning new songs. I love working within EYFS and have lots and lots of fun every single day!

My favourite story is ‘Were going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen.

My favourite song is ‘Sleepy bunnies’.

My favourite thing to play is… outside in our garden where we can go on ‘Bear Hunts’ and ‘Dinosaur digs’ and run away from the big bad wolf. I like to play dress up and role play with the children, using our imaginations and exploring the outdoors to run wild and pretend we are in an enchanted forest.

I like digging dinosaur bones up in our garden and making potions for the fairies and wizards that come out at night time while we are all sleeping.

Outside of school life I enjoy spending time with my family.  I have a little boy called Zach and a baby girl called Aria, they keep me very busy when I am not in school.   I also like to travel to different parts of the world with friends and family in the holidays.



Leanne Sudder - Teaching Assistant

I am proud to be a Teaching Assistant within our EYFS unit and I really love coming into school every day wondering what fun and exciting things we are going to learn.  My favourite thing to learn about is mini-beasts so I can’t wait to get outside and explore with the children.

I love being creative, especially with natural resources so I am always on the lookout for new ideas and resources whilst at the seaside and forest. 

My favourite story is ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl and I also love reading ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ with the children.

I love to sing ‘Down on Grandpa’s Farm’ with the boys and girls and enjoy creating new songs with the children such as ‘Down in Grandma’s Zoo’!

I have a 9 year old little girl called Hollie-Anne who keeps me very busy with archery, gymnastics, French, swimming and Brownies, plus she even manages to squeeze in playing the Cello. 

Mr Sudder and Hollie-Anne enjoy taking me on lots of camping and boating adventures where we love to explore new and exciting places.


Katherine Cook - Teaching Assistant 

I am a Teaching Assistant within the Early Years unit and love coming in each day to see our boys and girls.
I love discovering all about animals and our world, learning lots of fun facts that we can then explore in lots of different ways. 
I love reading stories to our girls and boys, so it is very hard to pick a favourite book - ‘Charlie Cooks Favourite Book’ is lots of fun to read! 
I enjoy singing and making up little songs! My favourite song is 5 Little Monkeys. 
My favourite thing to do is to put on my wellies and get outside- making obstacle courses and as many sandcastles as I can! I love cooking and this includes delicious mud chocolate cakes with clover sprinkles! 
At home my husband and I have two children and a Labrador who keep us very busy. We are very outdoorsy and love going to the forest and the beach to run wild and explore all that nature has to offer. At home we do a lot of cooking - we enjoy baking cakes together, and eating them!